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The Art of Eyeliner

Written By: Brigitte on August 22, 2011 Comments Off on The Art of Eyeliner

This shot is my favorite shot of the moment: Mila Kunis for the current issue of Glamour UK. She made me think of Jean Shrimpton with her sweet face and those huge eyes, so I did a 60-ish inspired eyeliner, which turned out just the way I wanted – sweet but sexy and amazingly contemporary.

Glamour Uk - photo Robert Erdmann, makeup Brigitte Reiss-Andersen

Every girl I know is at one time or another enamored with the idea of eyeliner — and with good reason. Eyeliner is sheer magic. It banishes the bleary look, bringing focus to the eyes and emphasizing their curvy shape.

Unfortunately, applying eyeliner can seem so daunting that initial curiosity often peters out the moment that pencil reaches your eyes and your delicate eyelids start fluttering, leaving you with just a little smudge along the lash line.

It’s true, maneuvering the pencil or brush might feel awkward at the start but if you practice, practice and practice some more you’ll be rewarded with eyes that really pop.

Glamour Magazine - photo Norman Jean Roy, makeup Brigitte Reiss-Andersen

Here are a few examples of iconic shapes:

Can one even say “eyeliner” without referencing to Brigitte Bardot?
Here’s an early 60’s style shape.

This is her later shape of choice in the 70’s.

On the left: the divine Françoise Hardy in a late 60’s young rebel style liner.
Right: The real rebel from the late 70’s punk scene, Nina Hagen.

She inspired many editorials - the deeply missed Amy Winehouse in her signature look, a mash –up from all-of-the-above...

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