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Written By: Brigitte on March 6, 2013 14 Comments

Isn’t it true that the red lip is to makeup what high heels are to fashion? The blazing red lip is such a classic that as soon as it’s declared “over” it’s back within six months! Why? Because a red lip is the quintessential anti-drab cure (Can you see me now?) the epitomy of sophistication (I am NOT just a simple girl!), it gives a woman some sass and attitude (Red lipstick is not practical, but, so what?), it even creates a bit of distance between her and whoever might get too close (Dahling, if you kiss me I will brand you like a red hot iron!).

But not all red colors are created equal. If you’ve ever set foot in a paint store or looked at a Pantone color guide you might have noticed that there are a zillion different shades of red, from ruby, crimson to carmine and oxblood. Every wave of popularity brings new shades that feel new and exciting.

Right now a very vibrant shade of poppy red, with a slight hint of orange is spreading like wildfire in a dry forest.

I am a huge fan of this type of color. It’s a vast departure from a classic, SERIOUS red – you know, the type of color that’s beautiful but will inevitably age you somewhat. The new shades have an incredible vibrancy and saturation that convey a young and fun look.

Rihanna, Emmanuelle Riva, Janelle Monet

Rihanna, Emmanuelle Riva, Janelle Monet

    This new trend also breaks some old rules:

  • Dark-skinned women have traditionally been advised to choose a deeper palette of reds but look how great Rihanna, Janelle Monet and Beyoncé looked at the Grammys! Those lips popped!
  • Mature women are always told to shy away from strong colors (why, I ask?) Well, how about 86-year-old Oscar nominated actress Emmanuelle Riva looking so elegant and chic at the Academy Awards?
  • Porcelain-skinned girls with blonde hair who are usually considered too fair to wear strong, statement colors just happen to look absolutely fantastic sporting this lip color.
  • Who else looks good in this fashion? Platinum blondes, brunettes, red-heads, girls with cool skin tones and warm skin tones.
Beyoncé, Norah Jones, Taylor Swift

Beyoncé, Norah Jones, Taylor Swift

So, you heard it right here, ladies: There is now a universal lip color that transcends skin color, age and style! For those of you who feel tempted, don’t even ask If you should or not. Your only choice should be matte or shiny. Try it – it will change the way you move!

How to wear it:

  • Keep the eyes neutral by concentrating mainly on the lashes and the lash line.
  • Aim for a perfect lip line. If you need a lip liner choose one that matches the color exactly so it blends seamlessly. Any other shade will take the brightness down, which is no fun at all.
  • The hair should look polished or minimal. Favor a ponytail, an up-do or soft shaped curls.
Marion Cotillard, Scarlet Johansson, Sofia Vergara

Marion Cotillard, Scarlet Johansson, Sofia Vergara

My favorite red lip products:
MAC: Lady Danger and Ruby Woo
NARS: Red Semi-Matte Lipstick in Joyous Red and Matte pencil in Dragon Girl
CK: One Color Pure Color Lipstick in Little Liar

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14 Responses to “KICK ASS RED!”

  1. Quinn Murphy on: 6 March 2013 at 10:38 pm

    Another Great blog Brigitte! I think I may wear a nice oxblood lip tomorrow.

  2. admin on: 7 March 2013 at 8:29 am

    Haha, I think CK Little Liar would look younger on you!

  3. Lynn on: 15 March 2013 at 6:02 am

    Love this article..I feel like it’s hard for me to wear reds with my fair skin. I feel self conscious for some reason. Lack of confidence, I think. Do you like MAC Lady Bug?

  4. Evie on: 16 March 2013 at 11:56 am

    Hi Brigitte, I love all of your features and enjoyed this one in particular because I am such a fan of red lips! Unfortunately, most guys I’ve met just don’t seem to get it, deeming red too “overt” or “sexy”- but I still love it, it always make me feel powerful in a very feminine way. Perhaps it’s what you say- “Dahling, if you kiss me I will brand you like a red hot iron!” 🙂

    I prefer a matte red lip to a glossy one- my favourite product is Nars Matte Pencil in Cruella (the bricky tones suit my olive colouring more than Dragon Girl, I think). I’d love to try a more orangey red like Rihanna’s. Next on my list!

    Thanks for the great tips.

  5. Brigitte on: 16 March 2013 at 11:02 pm

    Great idea! Get out of your comfort zone and try a a new shade of lred. As for the boys, perhaps you haven’t met the right ones?

  6. Brigitte on: 17 March 2013 at 3:19 pm

    Dear Lynn,
    MAC’s Lady Bug is a great shade. It has a bit of pink and orange in it so it works on many types of skin color. It’s also has a satin texture, and the sheerness is less of a commitment. Other options are Nars Satin Pencil in Luxembourg and Maybelline Color Whisper in 45. Have fun!

  7. Lynn on: 17 March 2013 at 7:29 pm

    Dear Brigitte, thanks!! I will try the suggestions. Maybe I can finally feel comfortable in a red!

  8. Evie on: 18 March 2013 at 4:39 pm

    You might be right about the boys 🙂

    Would you be able to recommend a good orangey red lipstick? I really wanted to love MAC’s Lady Danger but it didn’t quite work for me (I know it would be helpful to know my skintone and I wish I could tell you my MAC number but I have no idea because the only foundation I’ll ever wear is Hourglass Veil- No 3.5- the best!!)

  9. Brigitte on: 19 March 2013 at 12:21 pm

    You could try CK one “Little Liar”. Maybelline also has a line of smooth lip products called Color
    Sensational. All the colors are actually brilliant and there’s one that has your name on it: 890 Neon Red. It’s a Tangerine red. Very flattering.

  10. Evie on: 19 March 2013 at 6:06 pm

    Thanks so much!

  11. David Frank Ray on: 14 May 2013 at 3:40 pm

    Hi Brigitte

    Your blog is fantastic and I agree with you about red lipstick being a classic.

    Much love………dfr

  12. Vivian Infantino on: 15 May 2013 at 10:45 pm

    Our moms (okay I’m declaring my place in history) wore red, and put it on in a perfectly clean swipe of a deep ruby tint – and without a mirror. The modern take is fresh and vibrant. Love it!

  13. admin on: 26 June 2013 at 12:06 pm

    yes, the without-the-mirror-kamikaze approach is wild! Better have a real steady hand!

  14. admin on: 26 June 2013 at 12:06 pm

    Fabulous. Thank you. Vive le rouge!

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