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Written By: Brigitte on March 3, 2011 Comments Off on All-American Makeup – Allure, March 2011
All-American Makeup – Allure, March 2011

The makeup is a take on the classic American makeup of the 80’s

The concept for this Allure story shot by Patrick Demarchelier with Karlie Kloss was “All American”. For the makeup, I tapped into what defined American makeup-fashion when I moved to New York in the late 80’s. […]

Written By: Brigitte on November 30, 2010 2 Comments
And the Oscar goes to…

Yesterday, I happened to be on set with a celebrated Oscar winner.

With award season just getting started and the celebrity buzz that surrounds it, I found myself trying to figure how many Academy Award winners I have worked with. Twelve is a number I have mentioned in the past. Well, I’m astonished to realize that […]

Written By: Brigitte on November 18, 2010 Comments Off on Whirlwind Report
Whirlwind Report

Hi Everybody,
My gosh, what a couple of weeks: on location, running around, head spinning… But some great stuff is happening!

The new face of Olay

My favorite red scarf got me in a commercial! That’s me doing Carrie Underwood’s makeup in the new Olay commercial that was released last […]

Written By: Brigitte on November 3, 2010 10 Comments
Beauty Breaks Out

It looks like beauty advertising just burst from the pages of a glossy fashion magazine right out into the streets of New York! Everywhere I turn there’s a billboard with some great advertising for makeup and cosmetics – in the subway, on bus-stands, on passing taxi-tops… I absolutely love it!

A Maybelline […]

Written By: Brigitte on March 2, 2010 Comments Off on Monsieur St Laurent and his Muses
Monsieur St Laurent and his Muses

Yves St Laurent was famous for his use of color, his extravagant and artful collections and his love of women. While he was inspired by his close friends Loulou de la Falaise, Catherine Deneuve, Betty Catroux and Paloma Picasso, the models he chose to work with on a day-to-day basis and for his runway […]

Written By: Brigitte on February 16, 2010 1 Comment
One ideal beauty?  Think again…

I don’t believe that beauty can be measured by the width of the eyes or the shape of the nose, or for that matter be represented by any single ideal. That type of thinking might have held sway in ancient Greece, but it no longer applies in the twenty-first century, with our unprecedented awareness of […]

Written By: Brigitte on January 26, 2010 1 Comment
Ad Madness?

I have never had a problem with beauty advertising. I like pretty pictures. Yes, they are retouched and yes, they sell a piece of a dream. But since a couple of years some of them seem to cross a line between being inspirational and right out campy!

At the very moment when […]

Written By: Brigitte on October 16, 2009 10 Comments
The how and why of what I do…

Here is an in-depth interview with me that just came out. It seriously explores the “job” aspect of being a fashion makeup artist. The questions were interesting and I hope the answers might give you an insight on the “why and how” of what I do…

What did you want to be when you […]

Written By: Brigitte on September 29, 2009 Comments Off on How I got started (part 1)

I was fortunate to grow up in the 60’s, an era so complex it’s hard to comprehend all the various styles that coexisted. Ladylike, mod, beatnik, rockabilly, flower power… are just a few that come to mind.

I was surrounded by wonderfully “vain” women. My mother spent a good hour every morning putting herself together. […]

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