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Gold Standard

Written By: Brigitte on December 30, 2011 Comments Off on Gold Standard

The New Year’s Eve pressure to look gorgeous is ON! For all of you who have been to a bazillion parties by now and who have run out of makeup ideas and even for those of us who have only been to a couple but still can’t think of an idea to vary the inevitable smokey eye: here’s a trick that will work for EVERYONE! Yes I mean it, every skin tone, eye shape, lip shape, look… whatever.

Do your usual makeup routine – just turn up the volume a notch by making the eyes a little stronger, the blush a wee bit brighter and the lips a smidge more noticeable.

Then, you just add some luscious, luxurious, luminous gold to the whole masterpiece!

EYES: With a soft brush apply a sheer veil of gold powder on the eyelid from lash line to eyebrow. There are plenty to choose from, but my favorite foolproof product is an eye shadow by Stila that I use as my “everything shimmer”: Eye shadow Trio in Gold Glow. The three shades are great and I love playing around with them all but the safest is probably the warmer tone.

CHEEKS: Next, sweep a bit of gold on top of your blush for some light-catching effect.

LIPS: Dot some gold lip gloss on top of your regular lipstick. Start in the middle of your lower lip and carefully spread it by dabbing it with your finger tip. Most brands have a shade of gold gloss in their collection and here is a selection of my faves from high-end to cheap-and-cheerful:
Chanel Glossimer in Sparkle d’Or
Nars in Golddigger
Cosmoholic in Golddigger (I know, same name!)
or Milani Buzz Worthy in Busy Bee

What determines which to buy? You’re looking for a smooth but not too gooey texture, pigment-rich and a fabulous shade. Are you partial to the discreet fragrance and the packaging of a luxe brand? Go for it. On a budget? Works, too. I have everything from A to Z in my kit.

BODY: Don’t forget to brush a hint of gold on your collarbones as well as on the front, round tip of your shoulders.

There, you are ready to Partaayy! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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