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E! Scouted – The Ultimate Fashion Makeover

Written By: Brigitte on January 23, 2012 Comments Off on E! Scouted – The Ultimate Fashion Makeover

The last episode of Scouted on E! was broadcast last Monday. As you may know I was the makeup artist responsible for the makeovers of the lovely girls hoping to become models. I loved the experience of the show and the authentic angle it put forward: no unrelated celeb as a host, no gimmicks and faux-drama but real stories, a great team of industry pros and girls who actually have the potential to build careers as models.

On my end the challenges came mostly from the tight schedule and having to make instant decisions about what makeup looks to create upon meeting the girls for the first time. With a camera following every move I made and a clock ticking furiously, errors were just not an option. So the questions in my head were always: what is this makeover all about? What should this girl look like? How can I convince anyone who looks at the pictures from this test believe that this is a model? Is her vibe natural or sophisticated? Is she sexy or chic? Is she sweet or strong?

The other consideration is that we were also dealing with TV and entertainment. Under normal circumstances an aspiring model should be seen as her natural self and an initial test should reflect that. We did in fact photograph the girls pretty much unaltered in a first set up, before launching into the kind of fashion transformation that would be interesting and exciting, maybe even surprising to Scouted viewers. When it came time to get down to business, I launched into as strong a makeup as I felt a girl could take. I wanted to show the audience a makeover done from a fashion point of view. “Beautifying” the girl was not the main goal, instead I wanted to give her an iconic look worthy of the pages of a high fashion magazine.

So for your entertainment, over the course of the coming week or so, I’ll show you a selection of my favorite “before and afters” and give you some comments and tips about the makeup. Hope it’s inspiring!

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