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Welcome to the archive of my work with Helmut Newton. Unfortunately a few images have disappeared, but I am on a quest to find them…

I had the privilege of knowing and working with Helmut on and off for almost twenty years, starting in 1982. He was the quintessential “auteur” photographer who’s style, aesthetic and vision made each picture uniquely his. He was never tempted to follow “trends” as they came and went. As part of the makeup and hair team, it was very clear you were entering his world of high glamour, chic decadence and louche characters, and you were expected to be familiar with all it’s little nuances. He always knew what he wanted but he occasionally would ask his trusted team to come up with ideas. For example, he could ask how to make a girl look like she has been kissing all night, or where to apply a fake scar so it would look haunting. He also had a fantastic and wicked sense of humor. Once, on set about to shoot three gorgeous glamazons just standing tall, he paused, looked up from his camera and I heard him say out loud to himself : “So simple, and yet so tasteless!”. Delighted, he started shooting.

My archive of work with Helmut is divided into two categories: editorial and advertising. Click the image or the button below to open the editorial grid, which includes a link to the advertising. Enjoy.

Nadja Auermann as Leda and the Swan, image by Helmut Newton for Vogue USA

Nadja Auermann as Leda and the Swan, image by Helmut Newton for Vogue USA

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