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Puffy, Tired Travel Eyes

Written By: Brigitte on December 21, 2009 Comments Off on Puffy, Tired Travel Eyes

This morning I got on a plane at dawn and went straight from the airport to a Nashville photo studio for a shoot. Looking fresh is a real challenge in this case…

What really works to remedy tired, puffy eyes?
Here’s my personal lowdown on the subject.

What works:
Anything cold – ice, witch hazel you keep in the fridge, and yes, cucumber slices (sliced very thin so they are able adhere to the eye), refrigerated eye masks.

Under eye gels – I want to believe in them with all my heart. I’m not sure they work, but sometimes believing is half the magic.

Industrial strength concealer from Ben Nye or Cinema secrets. I always choose warm based colors that are pink/orange based to neutralize the dark areas. Use with a very flat brush where needed: in the groove, the red-blue inner corner of the eye, as well as the outer corner. I do it before applying foundation because I can blend it better. (It is said that doing so is a big no-no. Because one takes off the other. The trick is simply to not rub, but pat the color in.)

Concentrate your makeup on the upper eye and skip drawing attention to the lower lid altogether. If you feel naked without your dark eyeliner, just use a taupe colored shade which will give you a little definition without making the eye small.

What doesn’t work:
Concealers that are too white or too yellow

Preparation H (the formula changed)

Oily eye makeup removers (make the eyes puffy)

Applying concealer on the puffy part of the eye because it will make it protrude even more.

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