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Tip: how to balance your tan

Written By: Brigitte on June 28, 2011 Comments Off on Tip: how to balance your tan

Ladies, it is summer and you need to make sure the face you so carefully protect from the sun actually matches your decolleté and arms when you wear that divine barely-there-number that passes as a dress!

I have to do this at work all the time since the models and VIP’s always have a paler facial complexion than the rest of their body. What’s the trick?

Gisele sets the standard for the perfect tan...

Gisele sets the standard for the perfect tan... photo: Patrick Demarchelier; makeup: Brigitte R-A

1) Layer
Apply with the help of a moist sponge a sheer dark foundation or tinted moisturizer that matches your tan. It could be quite a bit darker than you think and you might have to go to the “ethnic” range of colors. Don’t be scared. Blend carefully and apply one more layer if necessary.

2) Glowing, not oily.
Yes, for the evening you may want to tone done the glow if it looks like an oil slick. Stick with a sheer, no-color loose powder and apply it on the T-zone only. Avoid pink based compact powders.
Use creme blush.

3) Frame the face.
If you are very fair, coloring your face darker might not look less fresh. Try this trick I call “framing” the face: stick with your usual foundation (it’s sheer, I hope) then apply the darker color with a sponge on the outside of your face . In other words dab the forehead, the sides of the face, the chin and the bridge of the nose. Blend carefully inward, toward the nose. It will give the illusion of a darker complexion but not look “dirty”.

4) Do’s and don’ts
Stay away from anything with pink in it and stick with terracotta hues. Nobody tans pink. For the rest of the makeup, favor warm tones like peach, sand, tea, cinnamon and gold over cool tones with blue and silver in them.

Watch out for the “Oompa Loompa” effect! Dark orange does not make a good tan. And just like your summer dresses, the makeup should stay sheer, sheer, sheer.

The oompa loompa look

The oompa loompa look

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