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E! Scouted – Lindsay’s Before and After

Written By: Brigitte on January 23, 2012 Comments Off on E! Scouted – Lindsay’s Before and After

Lindsay represents a “type” that is very popular in high fashion: the renaissance beauty. With her ultra fair-skin, venetian blond (later, red hair) and her round eyes, she looks like she walked right out of classical painting from the 16th or 17th century.

Lindsay in a no makeup look.

Below are a couple of examples to illustrate what I mean.

16th and 17th century beauties by Botticelli and Jan Daemen

Norwegian model Sunniva Hovestad is the most recent superstar of this look.

model Sunniva Hovestad

For Linday’s “no makeup” look: I just gave the skin a quick touch-up, added a barely-there blush to her cheeks, the eyebrows a little shape and a bit of uncolored lip balm to moisturize her lips.

For the second, stronger, editorial look, I kept the the eye makeup to a minimum and used neither pencil nor mascara to keep the beautiful shape and chose to make the lips the point of focus.
I brushed a terra cotta eye shadow in the crease of the eyelid as well as as under the eye. A ballet pink second eye shadow was swept over the entire eyelid to soften and blend the colors. I used a pale baby pink blush on her cheeks and applied a red-orange shade on her lips. The makeup was kept sheer and matte to show off the luminous quality of Lindsay’s coloring.

Lindsay in a full fashion look.
Hair: Charles Baker-Strahan, styling: Dani Stahl photo:Danny Christensen

– if you are so lucky to have this type of look, remember that the fair and luminous quality of your skin is your A class asset. Therefore make sure your foundation matches your skin perfectly. Anything darker, warmer or too yellow will make you look sallow. Choose a very, very light shade with a HINT of pink. What you choose should match your neck and collar bone. Shades this light are hard to find because brands aren’t always willing to invest in less common colors. You might have to splurge and find what you need within the high end department store brands. Also be careful of using heavy and defined black lines on your eyes as it might look heavy and crass. Soft and diffused is the preferred technique.

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