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E! Scouted – Alwyn’s Makeover

Written By: Brigitte on February 10, 2012 Comments Off on E! Scouted – Alwyn’s Makeover

Alwyn is what I call a “Hithcock blond” – a reference to the great film director who cast chic Tippi Hedren, Grace Kelly and Kim Novak in his classic thrillers. He said: “The perfect ‘woman of mystery’ is one who is blonde, subtle and Nordic”. A young Cibyll Sheperd also comes to mind.

Tippi Hedren and Cibyll Shepherd

With her fair skin, refined features and pale gold hair, Alwyn represents this elegant, controlled type. From a makeup artist’s point of you, her face has everything one could wish in terms of spacing, proportion and skin quality. She is the quintessential model that allows her to become a myriad of different characters. from the cute girl at the beach to the couture-wearing socialite.

The first picture was a no-brainer: moisturizer and tinted lip balm! For the second one, the stylist Dani Stahl had picked out a beautiful 70’s-inspired Prada dress. I knew Alwyn could look great in very strong makeup so I went for it: full-on 70’s contours and colors!

Alwyn's updated 70's high-fashion look.
Hair: Charles Baker-Strahan, styling: Dani Stahl photo:Danny Christensen

Starting with the skin, I wanted a lot of dewiness and reflection so I used very little powder, keeping it mostly on the T-zone and a bit on the cheeks so I could use contour and a dark pink blush below the cheekbone. The eyelids were colored with a jade green creme shadow that I mixed myself. I contoured the eye crease to the bridge of the nose and up to the eyebrow which I also drew in.

A ton of mascara finishes the eye makeup. The lips are colored with a crimson lip gloss.

As a finishing touch, I added highlights on the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose and the sides of the forehead.

If you have this coloring you can go any direction with your makeup and get away with colors nobody else can wear. My only advice is: keep the luminous quality of your skin and don’t choose foundation that’s too yellow/orange thinking it will make you look tan.

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