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Twenty Lashes

Written By: Brigitte on October 22, 2009 1 Comment

The September 2009 cover of Allure with Amanda Seyfried caused quite a stir and I got bombarded with questions about how the eyes were done. Here’s the secret……….

I love a good false eyelash! I even collect them. In fact, in my bag I carry a whole collection of different models of lashes: clusters, singles, unders, knot free, bands as well as full lashes in various shapes that I cut up to fit my whim. When they are well applied, you shouldn’t be able to spot them at all and yet, they can really make the eyes look big and intense.

Amanda's September 2009 Allure cover, lashes and all...

Amanda's September 2009 Allure cover, lashes and all...

Here is the long and short on Fake Lash Science.

First, you have to know that using a full strip will change the shape of your eye and look “made up”. This is great if you’re going for a full retro-glam image: 60’s-90’s, drag queen chic, icon makeup (think Liz Taylor on a red carpet).

Most of the time, I tend to use them in a more discreet manner. With individual lashes, I can customize the shape I want to create by mixing different lengths and widths together. If I want a round “doe” eye, I may want to put some long singles in the middle of the lash line. If an almond eye is the goal, I’ll put some mediums or longs in the outer corners. For a more edgy look I will mix in some great cut up star shaped strips. A simple rule to remember: the more the false lash resembles the real lash (i.e singles), the more natural the effect.


  • I use the white Duo glue because it holds better than the colored version. It darkens by itself if you don’t put too much on.
  • Before applying mascara dust the lashes with loose powder to blend the textures.
  • Apply the mascara once the lashes are all in, that way they will mix in better.
  • Once the mascara is really dry, and I mean REALLY dry, you can actually use the lash curler (carefully) for an extra lift. The effect is fantastic.

My favorite places for lash shopping:
Screen Face (London)
Shu Uemura
Image Exclusive (LA)
and any decent theatrical supply outlet – and of course online.

On location with Amanda Seyfried for Allure

On location with Amanda Seyfried for Allure

LINK: Allure covershoot slideshow…

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