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Glamour Past and Present

Written By: Brigitte on June 4, 2011 2 Comments

Why, oh why is the notion of beauty and glamour so hard to keep current? Why is the default mode always a reference to some tacky TV show from the 80’s? I just received an invitation to attend a trade show for Cosmetics and Beauty and the poster looks like an image from thirty years ago!

On the right is the poster for a major cosmetic trade show.

This is the poster for a major cosmetic trade show. ^^^

Is this really someone’s idea of what glamorous, creative and inspiring beauty is in 2011? The picture is unbelievable: the girl’s makeup is so dated it looks like paint on a mannequin, her high hair is totally yester-year, she doesn’t know she’s about to be strangled by a shirtless guy lurking behind her and if he doesn’t commit the crime, there’s a beast around her neck that will surely do the deed.

This TRADE SHOW aims to get the Cosmetic industry together to inform and explore new concepts, products, markets and vendors. Shouldn’t its image be up-to-date?! If the concept is pure “glamour”, the picture should convey a hint of mysterious, timeless beauty with a modern approach.

In this case above, the lethal combination of heavy makeup, big hair and classic face gives the image an unwanted “retro” look.


A softer eye, a matte lip, true red shade of lipstick and chic hair would bring it up-to-date.

Timeless glamour.

Timeless glamour.

photo – Philippe Salomon
makeup – Brigitte Reiss-Andersen

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2 Responses to “Glamour Past and Present”

  1. Noel on: 16 June 2011 at 8:30 pm

    Can I just say thank you for being the one to point this out? Honestly, seeing these makes me NOT want to go to the shows!

  2. Brigitte on: 23 June 2011 at 8:34 pm

    Well Noel, there is an undeniably tacky side to the beauty industry that needs to be fixed. By attending shows and be vocal about these concerns we can actually improve things.

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