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Mascara Reality Check

Written By: admin on December 12, 2011 1 Comment

I recently saw a hostess on a TV shopping network claim that the mascara she was selling would give the wearer 5 (!) different looks. Over-inflated claims of that kind drive me absolutely bonkers! What might the 5 looks be in reality? Barely-there, average, clumpy, spidery and Tammy Faye? Doesn’t the marketing department realize that empty promises erode confidence? The consumer might buy it once and never again. Why not sell the product because it’s amazing, does a fantastic job, delivers the goods and creates long-lasting loyalty with the user? Honestly, when I find a good mascara I stick with it….for years, no, make that decades!

Here’s my advice on mascara:

Does mascara suit everyone? Actually, no. For women who do not like the “done up” look mascara is not a good idea because there’s an evident glamorization process involved that doesn’t appeal to them and would actually change their signature look. Tilda Swinton is a perfect example of a no-mascara type.

What makes a good mascara? It has to have intense color, it can’t be too wet and it shouldn’t shed any “grubblies” on your cheeks during the day.

Fat brush, big brush or small brush? It depends on your lashes: the shorter the lash-the smaller the brush. Bigger brushes have trouble reaching for the small hairs in the inner and outer corner of the eyes and they do carry a lot of product. I favor combs and smaller brushes.

Waterproof or not? Waterproof mascara is recommended for women who wear glasses, who are active in sports and those who tend to tear up. The trouble is that it’s a bit more tedious to take off. You have to figure out the trade off.

my old standby

Save or splurge? For me, it’s all about the formula, the packaging and the brush. To be honest there is no guarantee that a $40 mascara is better for you than a $6 one. It has to perform well for you, that’s all that matters. Since the beginning of my career I have tried dozens of more or less fancy high-tech products, but in the end I always seem to go back to Maybelline Great Lash simply because it never fails me. Occasionally, I get very excited about some new small-brushed wonder only to find, to my disappointment, that it falls out of production after a year.

Any application tips? To make the most out of your lashes please use a curler! The mascara will work like a charm and you will get twice the benefit. If you’re not lash-rich, brush on a bit of loose powder on the lashes and then apply the mascara. It gives them more body and increases the illusion of a thick lash line.

How do you best apply mascara? Try this trick; take a hand mirror and place it close to your chin so you can look down on it. Raise your eyebrows like if you were surprised. This will give you the perfect lift and separate your lashes from your lid. Then start brushing from the tip of the hairs and work your way closer to the root at which point you want to “wiggle” the brush a little to really get the product in there.

My last bit of advice? Keep it simple, sister. You don’t need “faux-tech” contraptions such as fancy shaped applicators that look like chimney sweep’s brushes, fiber additives that will make your lashes look like insect legs, and vibrating contraptions. If you are very lash poor, consider using fakes. Everyone in showbiz does!

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One Response to “Mascara Reality Check”

  1. Bre on: 17 December 2011 at 1:25 am

    I really need to try out this tip you have about putting powder on your lashes!! When it comes to putting mascara on the bottom lashes, any tips for us girls who have very sparse lashes? Sometimes I don’t even bother because of a)smudging, and b)the difference looks minimal on my skimpy lashes.

    Good sound advice Brigitte, keep writing!! 🙂

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