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E! Scouted – Hallie’s Makeover

Written By: Brigitte on February 6, 2012 2 Comments

Hallie’s beauty is what the camera loves! With her fair skin, dark hair and strong eyebrows she screams strength and personality. Her face, coloring and vibe remind me of modern beauties such as Anne Hathaway or Jennifer Connelly.

Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Connelly

The eyebrows are a big part of what makes this look special. They need to be left strong but in my opinion not overpowering. In the show it sounded like Hallie said the eyebrows were off limit but in fact I did groom them mainly to give her a little more space between the eyes. Left untouched, they made her eyes look small, so by opening them up by the bridge of the nose, the eyes look bigger.

I didn’t have to do much for Hallie’s “no-makeup” look, pictured above. Her dark eyelashes already look made up, her skin needed just a hint of blush and I put a touch of tinted lip balm on her lips. She’s the kind of girl that can make a makeup artist look good if you just know not to destroy her beauty.

How would you do that? By adding heavy makeup on the skin and loud colors like green and blue on the eyes.

Hallie's fashion look.
Hair: Charles Baker-Strahan, styling: Dani Stahl photo:Danny Christensen

The second look is more radical. I played up the contrast between her ivory skin and black hair by giving her a bright red lip. To keep the look minimal, I just emphasized the upper and lower lash line with a dark brown eyeliner pencil and some black mascara. What makes this look extra chic is that hair stylist Charles slicked her hair back which gave her a sophisticated allure.

If you have this coloring combination (very light skin and very dark to black hair) you’re a lucky person. Since you have ivory skin, watch out for foundations that are too yellow. It would take your radiance away and make you look sallow.

Stay away from garish eye colors and warm-toned lipsticks. Cool pinks and cool tones are more flattering for your skin tone. If you want to wear red, stay with a true red or a raspberry rather than a brick.

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2 Responses to “E! Scouted – Hallie’s Makeover”

  1. nico on: 19 May 2012 at 5:16 am

    first of all I love your work and it’s great that you have a blog:) I have yellow undertones so I use yellow based foundation ,but sometimes I feel like it looks too there any solutions for this?

  2. Brigitte on: 21 May 2012 at 9:10 pm

    Finding the right foundation is one of the trickiest things in the cosmetic world. It trips up even professional makeup artists. The best way to match a foundation to your skin is to try a swipe on your chest by the collarbone in daylight (not in direct sunlight). It will give you a straight answer, and it’s a yes if it blends natrurally into your skin. The face tends to have a different shade because it has more wear and tear. Unless there is a radical issue about the skin, this is how I get the foundation right 99.9% of the time. Then you have to find a brand that does a good job with foundation shades. Foundations are made solely with white, black, yellow and red. The art is in the mix. My favorites: Armani, Clinique and Nars. I also like some shades of Mark as well as “Soft Beige” by Rimmel, which is a nice neutral beige. And you’re right, yellow tones can look awful on someone who in fact is beige with a hint of red. My advice? Wear a low cut top, go to a department store, swipe a bunch of shades of beige shades on your chest (without thinking that you are yellow toned because perhaps your complexion is more complex than you think and there might just be a hint of red in there). Stand in daylight with a mirror and selct the right one. You can’t go wrong.

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